Nov 12, 2010

Advances in Architectural Geometry - Book

Geometry is obviously a fundamental subject that lies at the core of Architecture. This September took place an important conference in Vienna (Advances in Architectural Geometry 2010), that ended with the publication of this book, that summarize in great details the last researches in the field of computational design.

I got a copy and I browsed quickly inside... It will take a while to read it, so I cannot give you a review here, but at the bottom there is the list of what you can find inside...
(I know, as a list is pretty boring...)
The interesting thing is that every project / research, is explained in full details, with all the references to bibliography used during the researches. 

Quite interesting is the article about the research done at SmartGeometry 2010, Deep Surfaces.
Unfortunately I was attending a different Cluster, but thanks to this publication you can take a look at what they did. Really cool.

Basically...if you are really deep into the subject, you can't miss this book... and worst case, it will make a great impression if you leave it on the desk of the office...!


- Cristiano Ceccato, Builder-Geometer
Barbara Cutler, Joshua Nasman, Interpreting Physical Sketches as Architectural Models. 
Martin Tamke, Jacob Rüber, Hauke Jungjohann et al. ,Lamella Flock. 
Michael Eigensatz, Mario Deuss, Alexander Schiftner et al., Case Studies in Cost-Optimized Paneling of Architectural Freeform Surfaces. 
Johannes Wallner, Alexander Schiftner, Martin Kilian et al., Tiling Freeform Shapes With Straight Panels: Algorithmic Methods. 
Tomohiro Tachi , Freeform Rigid-Foldable Structure Using Bidirectionally Flat-Foldable Planar Quadrilateral Mesh. 
Klaus Bollinger, Manfred Grohmann, Oliver Tessmann , The Sphere Project – Negotiate Geometrical Representations. From Design to Production. 
Ilija Bentscheff, Christoph Gengnagel ,Towards Teaching Generative Design in Architecture. - William Bergeron-Mirsky, Jason Lim, John Gulliford et al., Architectural Acoustics for Practioners. 
Ralph Bärtschi, Michael Knauss, Tobias Bonwetsch et al., Wiggled Brick Bond. 
Maurizio Brocato, Lucia Mondardini , Geometric Methods and Computational Mechanics for the design of Stone Domes Based on Abeille’s Bond. 
-Benjamin S. Koren , Louvre Abu Dhabi 1/33 – Fabrication of a Large-Scale Physical Light-Test Model. 
Gershon Elber , Ortho-Pictures: 3D Objects From Independent 2D Data Sets. 
Lorenz Lachauer, Toni Kotnik, Geometry of Structural Form. 
Sean Ahlquist, Achim Menges, Realizing Formal and Funcional Complexity for Structurally Dynamic Systems in Rapid Computational Means. 
Alexander Schiftner, Jonathan Balzer, Statics-Sensitive Layout of Planar Quadrilateral Meshes.

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