Nov 30, 2010

Smart Geometry 2011 in Copenhagen announced!

A double news!

1. First news is that the annual SmartGeometry event will take place in Copenhagen between 28th March and 2nd April 2011
The clusters (the groups of research) are still not confirmed yet, but will come soon. If you want you can apply to propose a subject before the 13 of December.

"Building the invisible" - Smart Geometry 2011

But there is a second news...!
In 2012 RPI will host the event!

Being in NY, I can only wait one year and a half to attend the next one, but fore everyone in Europe, it is an un-missable event. I attended in Barcelona in 2010, and it has been an amazing experience that I would recommend to any architect / designer into computational design to be updated to the latest researches in the field.

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