Nov 1, 2010

Parametric Playground...welcome!

Hi! First of all, welcome to Parametric Playground!

The idea of this blog is to share with everyone my researches on parametric design, with the aim to enlarge the already big and growing community of designers that uses parametric softwares such as Grasshopper.

Check on the right side panel some other cool rocking stuff by other bloggers.

All of the things I've learnt so far (not too much!) are thanks to people that shared their knowledge. 
Internet is populated by a growing number of blogs about parametric design and hopefully publishing here my researches will help other researches, and I have the hope that all the comments to my posts will help me in developing the right results!

The name playground comes from the fact that my researches are done just playing around during my free time, so don't expect something too scientific... but still my hope is to be as clear as possible, explaining the basics of every step of the research I'm doing to help everyone interested to follow them.

At the moment I'm playing with Grasshopper and Galapagos for genetic design
I will post soon the first results...

Anyway, I'll try to be not boring as a church sermon!

Keep in touch

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